Viva Dance Auckland Alert Level 2 Update

All solo dance style courses are now running, with social distancing dance squares marked out in all studios.

Our partner dance classes will be postponed until we are in level 1. Anyone who has pre-paid for partner dance classes will have their payment credited to the classes when they re-start. Once we are able to offer classes back in the studio all courses that have been suspended/postponed will resume where they left off.

Just to let you know about the protocols in place, should you be concerned about rejoining classes in the studio:
  • We are following the govt guidelines in place for gyms as there are no dance studio-specific guidelines: “Participating in sports and recreational activities is allowed, subject to conditions on gatherings, record keeping, hygiene requirements and – where practical – physical distancing.”
  • All of the studios are marked out in squares of 1.5 metres to keep you all at a safe social distance while in class.
  • The studios are sanitized every day from top to bottom and there is hand sanitizer available in all studios.
  • Our QR code is displayed in all studios, please make sure to sign in when you come to the studio. This will keep you and everyone else safe.
  • We have placed a limit of numbers of people allowed in class depending on the number of squares in each studio.
  • We are keeping classes to 50 minutes to allow time for change-over of students without coming in close contact.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.

We hope you are all staying safe and well and as always,we are happy to hear from you about any concerns you have.
Your Viva Dance Team