Viva Dance Terms & Conditions

Payment is required before the first class. There is no refund for an 8 week course after the first class unless the course is cancelled by Viva Dance.

Eft pos and credit card facilities available. Credit card payments incur a 2% fee for all payments

You cannot make up for classes missed unless due to illness or injury. If you miss 2 or more consecutive classes of a course due to illness or injury, credit towards other classes may be given at Viva Dance’s discretion, upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate. Credit given for classes missed due to illness or injury is valid for the next course or a maximum of 3 months.

For private lessons cancellation policy of 24 hours notice applies. If you cancel after that time you will be required to pay for the class in full.

By participating in classes or courses at Viva Dance Studios you are doing so with the understanding that:

  1. To the best of your knowledge you are in suitable physical health to participate in the course(s)/class(es)
  2. You agree to self-determine your exertion through good judgement and to discontinue any exercise that exceeds your personal limitations
  3. You agree to notifiy staff of any existing medical conditions that may have an effect on your participation in physical activity, or if you feel unwell during the course(s)/class(es)
  4. You do not hold the instructors and or Viva Dance liable for your safety or for any injuries sustained during the course(s)/class(es) or as a result of participating in the course(s)/class(es)
  5. You agree that photos or footage of the classes, courses or events held at or organised by Viva Dance may be used at their discretion

A few pointers to help your visit be more pleasurable for you and for others:

  • Please sign in at reception prior to each class
  • If you arrive early for your class, as a courtesy to other students and teachers, please wait in the cafe downstairs until your class starts
  • Personal hygiene is especially important in a dance studio. Please use deodorant and carry a fresh shirt if you are likely to get sweaty – we do
  • We are here to help you, feel free to ask any questions you have, we are happy to discuss your thoughts and concerns