Dance Styles

  • Bachata
    Sensual and playful Latin dance
  • Ballroom
    Trip the light fantastic!
  • Belly Dance
    The Middle Eastern dance of mystery
  • Burlesque
    Bring out your inner diva
  • Cuban Salsa
    Iconic Latin dance, energising and fun!
  • Hip Hop
    Turn up the funk
  • Hip Hop Burlesque
    Sassy fusion of hip hop & burlesque
  • Jazz
    Challenge your dancing prowess
  • Jazz Funk
    Fusion of commercial hip hop & jazz
  • Kids Dance Classes
    Dance will give your child a gift for life!
  • Performance Courses
    Take your place in the limelight!
  • Pilates
    Total core workout
  • Pole Dance Fitness
    Build your strength & confidence
  • Private Lessons
    Tailored just for you
  • Rueda
    Fun Cuban salsa style danced in a circle
  • salsa
    Iconic Latin dance, social & fun!
  • Samba
    Fast beats, fancy feet and feathers!
  • Stretch
    Improve your flex factor
  • Tango
    Intricate, intimate & inspiring
  • Zouk
    Smooth & sensual Brazilian dance style
  • Zumba
    The ultimate Latin dance workout